The precise date is unlikely to be set, but the law will say it must be held by the end of 2017. Immigration Bill: This will introduce a new offence of ‘illegal working’ that will allow the authorities to seize the wages of …
Daily Mail · 1 hour ago
EU referendum
"It's not being addressed, unfortunately," said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who supports immigration reform. Earlier this month, Democratic candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised to continue …
The Huffington Post · ByElise Foley · 5/21/2015
From Mitt Romney in 2012 to Christie, Scott Walker and others this presidential cycle, when candidates enter the Republican primary field these days, they seem to squirm to placate the loudest anti-immigration reform
The Daily Caller · ByJamie Weinstein · 5/23/2015
"Hiring Lorella Praeli is a clear signal that Ms. Clinton is actually serious about her promise to double down on Obama’s executive action with regard to amnesty," said Bob Dane, communications director for the …
Latino FOX News · ByElizabeth Llorente · 5/22/2015
undocumented immigrants
MANILA -- The Joint Foreign Chambers (JFC) expressed its objection to a provision in the proposed Immigration Act authorizing the charging of overtime fees against airline companies and shippers. In a statement released Sunday, the JFC urged the House …
ABS-CBN News · 14 hours ago
Several of the House's most conservative skeptics of two proposed trade bills told Newsmax there is little or no evidence that the legislation contains language to advance comprehensive immigration reform. At the regular monthly "Conversations with ...
News Max · 5/21/2015
Immigration Reform
Staring at startling exit polls after a beating by President Obama in 2012, Republicans vowed they were finally ready to do something about immigration reform or risk further alienating Hispanic voters. But two-and-a-half …
New York Times · 5/20/2015
For years, South Carolina has benefited from the enormous economic impact Latinos have had on the community. We’ve started businesses, become job creators, and rejuvenated the state’s labor force, but many …
Greenville Online · 5/22/2015
Obama’s executive order would have proved to be a boon for the US and US economy instead of bane that Republicans have tried to portray. Though they are slowly realizing that they have made a blunder of …
NVO News · 5/22/2015
Following the Congressional Hispanic Caucus' (CHC) calls for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to end the immigrant family detention program, national organizations have focused the concerns toward …
The Latin Post · 1 day ago
family detention
Mike Huckabee
Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee is an American politician who served as the 44th Governor of Arkansas. He was a …
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