A week after the home secretary told the Conservative party conference that the rate of UK immigration was damaging social cohesion, MPs will today consider a package of proposals so clumsy, counter-productive and divisive that they risk tearing it to shreds.
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The Scottish National Party has called on MPs from across the parties to back its attempt to sink the ‘divisive and flawed’ Tory Immigration Bill when it has its second reading in the House of Commons later today. Stuart McDonald MP, the SNP ...
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Tory Immigration Bill
Cristina Martinez arrives at work at 4 a.m., ties a white apron high across her chest and starts preparing a lamb cooked in vapor for 10 hours. An hour later, she and her husband, Ben Miller, open their South Philadelphia …
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The first Latino to be the sheriff of a major city recently announced her re-election campaign with a bit of a twist: Her office would no longer by complying with a federal law that requires law enforcement agencies to hold …
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Undocumented Immigrants
Legislation to clamp down on illegal immigration in the UK is to be debated by MPs for the first time later. The Immigration Bill proposes a new offence of illegal working, with the power for police to seize wages. The bill
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illegal immigration
The cabinet was reported to have disclosed the four key requirements the Prime Minister wants ahead of the in-out referendum, but they have already been ridiculed by Eurosceptics both inside and outside the …
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EU demands
Will the Immigration Bill increase 'everyday racism'? The Labour Party believe one aspect of it in particular, certainly will. The proposal is that landlords would have to check the immigration status of people who rent their …
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Immigration Bill increase
A group of 39 undocumented students, who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, is petitioning the Georgia Supreme Court to grant them access to in-state tuition at colleges and universities within the state.
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Lib Dem leader to table amendment in attempt to prevent creation of law he describes as inadequate in face of refugee crisis Tim Farron’s amendment would prevent the bill from being given a second reading on the …
The Guardian · 10/9/2015
Tim Farron
Saad was vice president Cambridge Global Advisors in Washington, D.C., where she worked with federal government officials on national security, immigration reform and economic development in the Arab world. She …
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