to an America that not so long ago was having a reasonable immigration discussion and a time when major reform had strong bipartisan support and a shot at becoming law. But since the immigration reform bill was …
New York Times · 2 minutes ago
Ahead of Thanksgiving, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders further revealed his immigration reform plan. Sanders -- who has previously issued his support for President Barack Obama's immigration executive …
The Latin Post · 13 hours ago
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Cortez Journal
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Marching for immigration reform A pilgrimage of immigrant families organized by the Workers Defense Project marched to protest Texas Governor Greg Abbot's stance on immigration. Check out this story on …
USA Today · 15 hours ago
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Even as immigration advocates push for increases to the H-1B visa quotas, calls for reform to the existing system are growing louder — from legislators and immigration advocacy groups alike. H-1B visas allow U.S.
TechCrunch · 11/24/2015
Worker Visas
“The fact that Rubio backed off the immigration reform bill is just not good,” said Martinez, who sees the 44-year-old Rubio’s youth and speaking skills as good qualities but believes Republicans’ seething rhetoric …
Los Angeles Times · 1 day ago
The immigration minister, Peter Dutton ... to minimise the risk of a challenge and we will make an amendment which we think further enhances the bill, and that will be debated next week. “I don’t believe it to be …
The Guardian · 4 hours ago
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Earlier this month, the entire Miami delegation in Congress supported Paul Ryan for speaker of the House after Ryan assured the Republican Caucus that he wouldn’t even consider immigration reform. Even Rep.
Miami New Times · 16 hours ago
Florida Lawmakers
The compare-and-contrast makes no mention of any of Hillary Clinton’s immigration reform proposals. Sanders, who enjoys high popularity in states like Iowa and New Hampshire, has had less success attracting Latino voters. The campaign reached out to …
Politico · 10 hours ago
The Government has announced a series of measures on immigration since the election. A bill currently going through Parliament includes new sanctions for illegal workers and restrictions on access to bank accounts …
Daily Mail · 14 minutes ago
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"If we want to move America forward and stay true to our values, we can't resort to the old, nativist, poll-tested politics of the past when it comes to immigration reform and restoring dignity to New Americans. Neither …
Latin Times · 12 hours ago
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When viewers tune in for coverage of the Latin Grammys on Thursday, they'll also see ads from the pro-immigration reform groups SEIU and iAmerica Action targeting Republicans over their opposition to deportation …
The Huffington Post · ByElise Foley · 11/19/2015
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